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Insults my womanhood... and I'm male! 0

In this “sexy and daring” book, Selina Kyle talks like a caveman, there are boobs everywhere, same with panties and there’s supposed to be a story in there somewhere.The Good:Art: Yet another very nice-looking issue. Even though there are fanservice-shots everywhere. There’s impressive stuff on the artistic side here and there. But for every nice panel, you get ten “Here’s a bra!”-panels. Most impressive was this one. It’s emotionally hard-hitting and not your typical “Oh my goodness”-shot, even...

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Winick & March forces too much on an otherwise decent story. 0

Judd Winick said that one of his goals was to make Catwoman a violent but sexy book. At first I really liked the idea and I was really anxious for this book's release. On the same note, I was aware that this was going to be a Judd Winick book which meant it could be really effective or it could fall all over itself. Actually, "Catwoman" #1 falls somewhere in between.  I love Catwoman and there are things to like in this first issue but both Winick and artist Guillem March make the same mistake....

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Let Them Notice 0

Catwoman was probably in the Top 5 relaunch titles I wanted to read. I loved Gotham City Siren's but it really seemed that when you compare Poison Ivy and Harley to Selena she end up seeming like the grown up and because of that some of the things that I liked about previous Catwoman runs were missing.This version of Catwoman fights back with a vengeance. A quality about Selena I find endearing is her ability to cope. More often than not she is caught unaware and has to roll with it or her plan ...

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"Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." 0

What turns me off about Judd Winick's writing is his formula, he learned at an early stage of comics Sex Sells.  He learned STDs and STIs were money in the bank with Pedro and me.  He learned the Gay Culture was award winning with again Pedro and me, as well as Green Lantern and Green Arrow. There is something about Winick writing where he caters to sexuality do the masses respond.  I guess this is one of the reasons I was not impressed with this book.  This book felt like a 90s comic targeted t...

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Doesn't slow us down 0

I will pretty much give away all the important story points here, so if that bothers you, you maybe shouldn't read on.  First as many people already know this issue was built up on the sex factor, and really it doesn't disappoint those who want an overly sexualized Catwoman.  In terms of sex though they are too different aspects here, the gratuitous stuff, and the less gratuitous.  Most of the issue featured gratuitous imagery - Selina apartment is firebombed by unknown assailants and she escape...

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My fave of the new 52 so far 0

I was rather upset that the whole storyline about Selena's baby adoption was essentially wiped away because that story from the previous CATWOMAN volume brought me to tears more than once. Nonetheless, I had to accept that DC's reboot (whatever you call it properly) didn't mean someone couldn't still enjoy those good old stories for their own merit even if they were no longer the new timeline.March's artwork feels like he's trying too hard to be J.H. Williams III. March's layouts are so much cle...

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Winick wasn't kidding about the Sexy! (AKA Batinterrobang) 0

Catwoman starts off with what seems like blatant fan service - Selina Kyle pulling on her Catwoman top, thus showing us her breasts encased in a red, lacy bra.  We later see Kyle with her shirt unbuttoned and in a pinup pose as she tells a guy that she can give him what she wants.  While I don't read others' reviews before composing my own, I've already seen some complaints from readers that this entire issue is just fan service.  I have to disagree - I think Winnick has done a perfect job takin...

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Move Over, Flash. Turns Out Batman's the Fastest Man Alive. 0

Catwoman bursts with sex and violence as Judd Winick lives up to his promises about his new take on Selina Kyle. This issue shows us a Catwoman who is clever, sexy and probably her own worst enemy as Selina finds herself fallen into a new hole she has to claw her way out from.The issue begins with Catwoman losing her latest apartment for the apparently usual reason, namely that she pissed someone off and they found out where she lived. You could not get a better introduction to what this Catwoma...

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Catwoman Busts Out With a T + rating 0

Catwoman is not your typical villain. She's not insane like Poison Ivy, Joker or the rest of Batman's rogue. She has an agenda that she works for her own personal needs, and her needs are complex. Writer Judd Winick takes a shot at one of Batman's greatest ally and semi enemy is once again having her own monthly title. Judd Winick says there will be lots of sex, sexy, sexy fun -- but does it satisfy the T + rating?Fan of Catwoman just to say. I like her relationship with Batman and how they have...

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The Art was Great 0

GoodThe art was wonderful, as I was hoping it would be.BadBatman would not throw himself at her (unless she used bat-nip) That makes Batman a lousy hero. I have been collecting comics for 22 years, and I do love women, but this is just to much for DC to put out there. A lot of young men and women out in the world just was able to purchase a book that gave them a thrilling moment.The difference between the New 52 and older DC is simple, integrityWhen does any comic book seller tell a boy or girl,...

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More Woman than Cat 0

Well written. Good art. Introduces the characters well...The problems this book has comes from the reboot itself and the who this character is... And those mistakes happen from the first page and every couple pages we are shown that is character ISN'T the character we know and love. On the surface, yes she seems to be a lot like our Catwoman, but her actions tell us a different story... What actions are those?Putting her "babies" in the carrying kennel and running out with them. Selina Kyle woul...

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Classy Sex and Brutal Violence 0

The Good: Judd Winick brings the sexy to this comic, and although it is frequent, it never reaches the point where it's overwhelming or gratuitous. Catwoman is sexy. She knows it, and she flaunts it, but she's in control. She uses her sexuality as a tool to her advantage, she doesn't let sex control her, so she never comes across as a slut or a tramp. She's a seductress. So if there was going to be a Catwoman book it HAS to be sexy. I'd honestly be insulted if Catwoman wasn't sexy. And I'm not t...

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And The Controversy Begins 0

The Story: Catwoman's apartment is blown up by some thugs. She looks for a new "gig" to score some cash and gets in over her head. My Thoughts:A lot of controversy has surrounded this issue and it's only been out a couple of days. This series was given a T+ rating due to the sexual content. You're probably either going to love this issue or you're going to hate it. It seems a lot of people have been offended by it. Honestly, they should have known what they were getting into if you ask me. I thi...

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Let them notice 0

Initial Reaction: When this series was announced as part of the new 52, I was initially disheartened and had a generally negative reaction. However, I decided to give it a shot, because I wanted it to be good. I thought that after reading it, I would at least be able to righteously say that I hated it and it was horrible!But... I couldn't be more wrong!Changes to Character: There is one noteworthy bad before I get to the good and that is that Catwoman's past is, at least, to some extent erased. ...

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Meow. 0

Synopsis: Introducing Selina Kyle: Sexy, a thief, and is Catwoman.What's Good?Judd Winick goes back to the basics with Selina Kyle as this issue shows her place within the new DC Universe. Personality wise, it's wonderful seeing her go back to that time where she doesn't seem weak or a damsel. She's independent, and knows what she wants. Somehow getting into trouble like always, she needs a gig to make some money after her apartment was blown up.The biggest surprise for me in for this series, is...

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Sex with the Bat 0

     All I can say about this issue of Catwoman # 1 is, that it leaves little for the Imagenation. We did not need to see Batman and CatWoman do it on the rooftop it could have ended with Batman coming through the door. The book at this point was all ready saturated with lots of T and A and that seen put it over the top.    The artwork is welldone the curves on Catwoman are sexy and the book is nice to look at. However at the end of the day the story is weak and I do not know how this book wil...

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Latex -check, Cats-check, Goggles -check, Sex with Batman -check 0

In all the Batman mythos, no character is portrayed more stereotypically than Catwoman. People seem to latch onto her and do the most predictable things with her. Originally a cat burglar - using the monniker "The Cat", her relationship with Batman was a subtle, is-there-something-going-on-between-these-two-or-am-I-imagining-it kinda thang. But over time it was made more and more overt. The whole cat burglar thing was forgotten.   Then when Tim Burton brought her to the screen, everybody raved a...

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What she wants, she takes. 0

Finally was able to get my hands on the new Catwoman book and give it a look. In the end I quite enjoyed it and read teh second issue right away.The GoodLoved the opening of the issue, it grabbed hold quickly and held on until the end. Within the first few pages I was imbued with the essentials of Catwoman's character. She is a real daredevil who enjoys a life of high risk with high stakes, lives on the fly, she calls her cats "babies" which in itself shows her affection for cats and tells me th...

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Slutty Catwoman #1 0

I was not, and never was interested in reading Catwoman as an individual title, not before new 52, and definitely not during. But apparently there was this huge deal that they were "OVERSEXING" her character and making a "FAN SERVICE" book out of the new Catwoman. I was actually interested to see what the big deal is so I picked the book up.    The book has been out for a while so I'm not going to add spoiler tags, if you feel my review is giving away any crucial meat, please let me know and I'l...

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Batman&Catwoman= SEX! 0

DC Comics, The New 52 was a bold idea itself, but Judd Winick is taking the boldness to a whole new level, where most of the costume stays on.  THE GOOD:  The art is okay. I'm not really a fan of Guillem March, but it just seems to work with Catwoman. The issue starts pretty good Catwoman's den is broken into and then it explodes. So she needs to get on and starts working, luckily she has a friend that can hook her up. I really like how even though she just lost everything she had she can just m...

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What Me Controversial? 0

I'll start by saying that Guillem March's artwork is pretty damn good and that Catwoman behaves and speaks in ways true to her character. That said, I could not get enthused by this issue. I mostly dislike what I've read by Judd Winick, but once in a while he produces something good. Here, there seems to be a focus on style rather than substance. Yet even then, I wasn't impress by the aforementioned style. Is there violence here? Sure, but nothing I'd consider to be too over the top. It's nice t...

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She makes Starfire look like a nun 0

I had only read this on recommendation of a friend, with the warning, "It is literally porn". At first I thought she was exagerating; oh, how I was wrong. Honestly, the storyline itself is actually quite decent. The story of a theif who just can't seem to help herself from straying from the typical 'villain' role and into her romance with the Dark Knight. The storyline, however, takes a backseat to the constant sex shoved in our faces. Apart from the procative costume, (which, let's face i...

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What a disappointment 0

I'm all for self-consciously lurid exploitation books, but this was a real let down.To begin with, are we to believe that Selina Kyle can escape from exploding buildings, steal jewels from impenetrable fortresses, and bend the world's greatest detective to her will, but she can't manage to cover her left breast until page 5 of the book?I know Winick said that the New 52 Catwoman is supposed to be a sexy, violent book, but this seemed a bit much. The sex was without joy or excitement, and the vio...

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Amazing Starter 0

I have always been a fan of the Catwoman icon. But I never really looked into the story behind her, until my new boyfriend brought me this issue. I was pleased because in the least I would love the art. I never would have guessed that his gift would have started my new obsession. My obsession for comics has grown only more with each issue, comics are a superior story telling method and I wanted to learn everthing I could. And now I am determined to one day write stories of my own. I am as crazy...

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