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A ZERO HOUR tie-in! In the wake of the ZERO HOUR crisis, learn the history of Selina Kyle--resident of Seagate Orphanage and prisoner to an abusive headmistress. In order to survive, Selina learns the skills that would eventually turn her into Gotham's greatest burglar!

A Zero Month crossover issue. A peek into the history of Catwoman, retold in the wakes of the Zero Hour reboot. After the death of her alcoholic father, adolescent Selina Kyle finds herself alone on the harsh streets of Gotham City, forced to steal just to survive. Her blossoming career as sneak thief is cut short, however, when she's caught by the authorities and sent to Seagate, a reform school for girls. Finding herself under the punishing rule of the Seagate warden and her cronies, Selina rebels, getting into trouble at every available opportunity. She learns to sneak around the grounds out of necessity, and discovers that the warden is stealing money from the establishment's coffers and covering up the embezzlement with falsified records.

Selina decides to use this information to her advantage and tries to steal the warden's ill gotten gains, but she's caught in the act. The warden, realizing she's been found out, captures Selina, knocks her out and tries to kill her by throwing her into the nearest body of water, tied up in a burlap sack.

Selina survives, returning to Seagate to blackmail the warden into destroying every file that mentions Selina Kyle and forcing her to release the other girls from the juvenile prison. After leaving Seagate, Selina goes to Gotham City, where she hones her skills at thievery, becomes a sex worker, meets Batman and begins her life of crime.







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