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If you are referring to the DC Batman villain Catman : Catman

If you are referring to the minor Marvel Cat-Man : Cat-Man


A Golden Age

David Merryweather was a child traveling with his parents through Burma when bandits attacked their caravan. David was the sole survivor and ended up being adopted by a she-tiger. Growing up in her care, he learned her ways and ended up with the vision, strength, agility and nine lives of a cat. When his foster mother died, he returned to America and donned the costume to become Cat-Man and enlisted in the US Army. He had minor success in the pages of the last two issues of CRASH COMICS in 1940, then starred in his own book, CAT-MAN COMICS starting in 1941 and kept it up until the 32nd issue ended the run in 1946.

In the first issue of CAT-MAN COMICS, David was joined by his eleven year old orphaned niece, Katie Conn. She decided to become his side-kick, Kitten and matured swiftly into a young lady whose figure really filled out her costume. One of their worst enemies was Dr. Macabre, who had a tendency to die at the end of each story he appeared in.

Current Events


After their short career at Holyoke, the pair were gone for some time until Bill Black's AC Comics decided to use them. On the one hand, AC Comics has an interest for long abandoned characters, and on the other hand, Kitten has a body that can be portrayed in a tight, sexy outfit. Both reasons are obvious ones for AC's interest in the pair.

Dynamite Entertainment

A Wild Man

In the new Project Superpowers Cat-Man is back along with his sidekick Kitten after being imprison by the Fighting Yank in the Urn of Pandora for sixty years. Unfortunately for him his imprisonment has changed him into a much more feral Superhero.

Powers & Abilities

Catman has all the powers of a cat, including enhanced senses (sight, smell, hearing, and agility). He is also an expert escape artist and hand-to-hand combatant, and has a vast amount of fortune.

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