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Marvel Continuity

Catilla was a member of the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad sent to aid the Autobot Wreckers in forcefully returning a time-displaced Galvatron to his own era. The operation went poorly with only Catilla and Carnivac being the only Decepticons to survive the battle. They both soon found themselves abandoned on Earth by their Decepticon superiors who were embarrassed by the whole mess.

Catilla's Death

Carnivac and Catllia joined the remaining members of the Wreckers they'd fought alongside against Galvatron to create a new team called Survivors. Disgusted with the mere idea, their Decepticon cohort Snarler stalked off, planning to return with an execution squad. He soon got his wish as he lead a newly formed Mayhem Attack squad to execute them. This team was successful in killing Catilla, but Carnivac survived and swore vengeance.

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