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Life & Beginings

The story of Cathy Gale begins in her place of birth, London where she studied to become an anthropologist.  Her research brought her to Africa, where she married and learned how to hunt and fight.  After her husband was killed, Gale remained in Africa for a couple more years developing her photography skills. She eventually returned to her native London to get her Ph.D. in anthropology, and become a museum curator.


Becoming an Avenger

While working at the museum she was approached by an Intelligence officer, John Steed who wanted to make use of her expertise with magical artifacts.  While Steed has a gentlemanly demeanor, his ruthless and cunning methods caused Dr.Gale to often be disgusted with him.  Gale eventually became Steed's partner in crime fighting & espionage out of her altruistic desire to help those in need.  Her relationship with Steed had a thick and at times even hostile sexual tension.


Personality & Special Talents

Dr. Cathy Gale is very uncharacteristic of fictional woman of her time. Intelligent, self-assured, and unafraid of confrontation, Gale is arguably the one of the first women of her kind in mainstream media.  Characteristically carrying herself with a classically demure facade, she has also been intimidatingly direct when need be.  Gale's self assurance is also one of her most prominent characteristics, as she has always been able to handle even the most dangerous situations with her intellect and highly developed skills, not having to rely on her sexual appeal.
Cathy got skills
While in Africa she developed her skills in hunting and combat, and has applied them as an undercover agent. Gale has been shown to be both precise and deadly with a gun.  On the field Dr. Gale has also demonstrated her mastery of martial arts, especially judo, and has been able to handle several armed male opponents at a time with her own hands and feet.  Her anthropology, research, and photography skills have also shaped her into being a brilliant detective on the field.  Dr. Gale has also demonstrated her aptitude for stealth and infiltration on the field.

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