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Cathode is a Japanese female that has various technological accessories attached to her body and attains flight through a hovering device equipped with some weaponry. Cathode and her gang come into conflict with Deathlok, Silver Sable and her Wild Pack when she steals numerous, large artifacts and items. Silver Sable and Deathlok were hired to recover one iconic item from New York, the Statue of Liberty. Sable, Deathlok and the Wild Pack would discover a secret, underground facility in the Grand Canyon where Cathode and her gang have been keeping their stolen goods. Cathode and her gang would engage the heroes but the Wild Pack are hit by an energy ray and imprisoned inside a glass chamber. Deathlok and Sable are left to defend themselves and Cathode would love to have the silver clad beauty and her gang as part of her collection. Sable has Deathlok look for the Pack while she takes on Cathode and her men by herself. Cathode would use her abilities to remove Sable's weapons and her guards would fire a transmission beam on their leader to ensure her safety. Deathlok would find the Wild Pack and realized they have been miniaturized because the energy ray had altered their size. Deathlok put the Wild Pack in one of his belt pouches until he discovers one of the camera guns and returns the Wild Pack back to normal size. Deathlok and the Wild Pack engage the guards while Sable knocks out Cathode with a headbutt. Sable is still with Cathode on her hovering device and she asks Deathlok to help regain control of it. However, Cathode regains consciousness and activates a time sequence where some explosives would go off in a few minutes. Sable knocks out Cathode with a punch and has her Wild Pack take their enemy back to the stealthcraft. Deathlok and Sable activate Cathode's hovering device and use the transmission beam to lock the Statue of Liberty and the rest of the stolen items into its circuitry before the secret base blows up. The Statue of Liberty is returned to Liberty Island the next day and Cathode is placed into custody. The current whereabouts of Cathode are unknown.    


Cathode was created by Gregory Wright, Steve Carr and Deryl Skelton in 1992 and first appeared in Silver Sable & The Wild Pack # 6.

Abilities & Paraphernalia

 Firing transmission beam.
Cathode has various technological accessories attached to her body and attains flight through a hovering device equipped with some weaponry. Her hovering device is equipped with force fields that protect her from fire-arms and other projectiles. She can also emit a transmission beam from her visor that allow her to steal objects and have those items locked into her circuitry. The guards would also use a larger transmission beam on Cathode during battle which made her intangible and untouchable. 

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