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Major Story Arcs

Dark Knight, Dark Rider

In the late 1800s, the Van Derm farm was attacked by a band of thugs as ordered by Vandal Savage. After her father and brother were murdered, Catherine was abducted along with a small casket marked with a bat, an heirloom the Van Derm family had kept for centuries. Catherine was taken to Gotham, where she'd be locked in a room with Doctor Hurt, who used her to attempt to open the casket, which he believed to contain the secret of immortality, and needed Catherine to unlock with with the language of the Miagani. Catherine is eventually saved by a mysterious masked amnesiac cowboy, who is actually her great-great grandson, Bruce Wayne, who had been jumping through time due to Darkseid's omega sanction. It is through this occurrence where Catherine meets her future husband, Alan Wayne, forever linking the Wayne and Van Derm family. The two would go on to build Wayne Manor where'd they keep the bat casket hidden for centuries. Catherine would later die giving birth to their only son, Kenneth Wayne.

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