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Catalyst is a covert agent for Cornelius/Krieg, the world's largest multi-national pharmaceutical corporation. The product of illicit experimentation in top secret genetic and chemical labs hidden beneath Cornelius/Krieg's research centre no.5 on the French Riviera, Catalyst's first assignment was to kidnap Dr. Jeremiah Duncan, chief chemist for Kord Omniversal Research and Development Inc., the company owned by Ted Kord ( Blue Beetle).

Years previously, Duncan had worked for Cornelius/Krieg and had stolen the only sample of formula XD-3, an experimental drug capable of subverting human will and possibly damaging the genetic code.

Duncan was taken captive by Cornelius/Krieg, and there ensued a battle royal between Catalyst and Blue Beetle.

He later appeared working with Kobra, solidifying Sand's silicone body. 
Catalyst was seen attacking Crimson Avenger II in an attempt to assassinate her.

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