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While the council members are away, the cat demon will play!
The Matabi Academy student council (and their cats) are on high alert: Spirit Beasts could be possessing students and hiding among the student body, waiting to make a move! Amidst all this tension, Yumi (with Kansuke in tow) decides to unwind at a dorm slumber party with some friends and a good scary story. But when an actual ghostly encounter cuts the party short, Yumi wanders off the school grounds…and right into the maw of another Spirit Beast, Daraku of the Deep! To make matters worse, she’s not the only student council member to take the bait, and with the school practically defenseless, the evil cat demon, Kaen, is about to strike on their home turf!! 

Chapter Titles 

  • Chapter 12: That Which Lurks in the Mist
  • Chapter 13: Pale Girl of the Tunnel
  • Chapter 14: Origin of the Species
  • Chapter 15: Battle in the Rain and Water
  • Chapter 16: Worst Fears Realized
  • Chapter 17: Gate in the Sky







Story Arcs

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