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Did anybody see Smallville's episode 6 of Season 9?
Ok this episode became a favorite because of all the little hints laid out of the DC universe during the episode...
So if you saw it Oliver Queen went for a prostitute.... her name was Mia Dearden (Speedy)... that was an obvious I'll give it to you... but during the episode Clark and Lois became the new Reggis and Kelly... and in the end got traded off for a blond... named Catherine Grant...
Do you get where I'm getting at?
the last 3 episodes of Season 8 and the 3 first of season 9 show a doctor helping Chloe out with all of the Doomsday problems... Dr. Emil Hamilton
This season didn't start off as the most exciting but... it is having a lot of DCU guest stars..... I mean Roulette stared in episode 5, Toyman came back in episode 4, Metallo on episodes 1 & 2...
and in episode 8 the Wonder Twins are coming out of the shadows.....
Plus if you count Green Arrow in every episode and General Zod....
I'm sorry but I just find this very cool!

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Also some members of the Justice Society will be making an appearance in a later episode written by Geoff Johns

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Catherine Grant from the episode Crossfire was better than Cat Grant from Season 10.

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