Is she a canon character?

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Cause seriously I don't ever remember Frank and Elecktra ever becoming an item or sleeping together?oO How much have I missed in the comics. Is she from an alternate universe or something. I don't remember her even getting pregnant.

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@MichonneHack27: Take a look at what comics she appears in. They're the 2099 comics. She's a 2099 character and not canon to 616 continuity. 
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God help the daycare center that tries to control that hellspawn.

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@The Dark Huntress:  Oooh sorry missed that when I looked on Elektra's bio^^;. Thanks!
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@MichonneHack27: No problem. ^_^ 
@InnerVenom123: I know, right?
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Yeah, having a kid makes two people an item… they sleep together at the end of Punisher #27 under the Marvel Knights banner. They just had a sex, loveless meaningless sex. It was also the kind of joke that Garth Ennis was known for… but a hack, Robert Kirkman (a typical fanboy), took it way too seriously.

The character Cassondra Castle made no sense at all, non-canon AU or not … there is no mantle of the Punisher, he's not The Phantom, The Ghost Who Walks in which it gets pass down. Frank himself has said several times that he doesn’t want others to do what he does.

Usually parents want there children to have a better life than they did and not a life of murdering and torturing. I mean that’s 3rd World Country teaching children how to kill thinking. If any anything, the dying mother should have been ashamed of herself, although that doesn’t mean I liked that blonde kid… looks, body size and attitude really skipped a generation with him. But still this is completely idiotic; Frank doesn’t have special blood or DNA that’s going to make them stronger and faster and Frank himself would not just drop everything he’s doing to raise a kid. He’s not that kind of person.

Frank would never teach kids how to kill or anything like that. Look at the Circle of Blood storyline with the group known as The Trust

In the Welcome Back Frank storyline with the Vigilante Squad.

When the Punisher went to Russia, he told a little Russian girl to never play with guns

The Widows, Frank tells a cop,
"Do you want to be like me?"

When he told O'Brien’s twin sister to never tell anything about him to the daughter that he accidentally had with her.

These Marvel fanboy hacks are never going to learn.

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BooYaa! Hello Cassondra ;)

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