Hack/Slash Moves To Image Comics

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Where are all the Hack/Slash fans? Here's a bit of news that just broke today. At the Emerald City ComicCon, Tim Seeley and Image Comics announced that the acclaimed cult horror comic Hack/Slash will now be exclusive to Image Comics. Hack/Slash: My First Maniac, an all-new four-issue miniseries written by Tim Seeley with art by Daniel Leister, will be the first Hack/Slash comic at Image.

"My little creator owned book is making the move to the biggest creator owned comic company!" exclaimed Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley. "The move is sanctioned by Devil's Due Publishing, and Josh Blaylock has been helping me with the transition. June will see the release of the first issue of HACK/SLASH: MY FIRST MANIAC, which is set in Cassie's past and is the perfect tale for new readers as well as those who've been following the book for several years. And, best of all, my crack creative team of artist Dan Leister, colorist Mark Englert, editor Jim Lowder and letterer Crank! are coming with me to Image-Land."

What is Hack/Slash about? You know how at the end of horror movies, there's usually one survivor left to tell the story? Cassie Hack was one of those survivors. But she does more than just survive. She turns the tables and begins hunting and destroying all the evil creatures that would harm the innocent. "My First Maniac" looks into Cassie's first case. At age 16, she was forced to kill her own mother who was the undead murderer known as the Lunch Lady. Fighting feelings of guilt, Cassie has to decide whether to live a normal life with her foster parents or use her new-found slasher killing abilities to save other teenagers.
This will be the perfect jumping on point for new readers. The first issue will be on sale June 9, 2010. It will contain 32 full color pages with a $3.50 price tag. A new printing of the Hack/Slash Omnibus Vol. 1 and Hack/Slash Omnibus Vol 3: Friday The 31st will also go on sale on June 9.
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KICKASS I love this comic

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Awesome !

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cant say it being with another company affects any opinions on my end that much,
although given how sparse Image's solicitation list is every month they sure could use 
more known titles like this in their stable.

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I lost interest in this comic after awhile, but the movie would be fun too see... as long as Megan Fox isn't in it.

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It's all well and good except the ongoing ended on an unresolved cliffhanger. When's that gonna get finished?

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I was a die-hard fan of the series at first, but lost interest in it later on.
I think I'm gonna have to start collecting it again...

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Have not read one issue of this book. But I have to say that having creator owned material is awesome. You can take it with you when you leave or a contract ends with a publisher.
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so wait, then the ongoing series was cancelled?
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this can only be described in picture form.

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I'm pretty excited about this.  I've been reading this book since its days of one-shots and miniseries from Devil's Due.  Seeley's a fun and energetic writer who really knows how to tell a great story.  I'm looking forward to this new miniseries and so happy to see it at Image Comics.


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@aztek the lost: 
The ongoing series was at Devil's Due and it was at a good stopping point with the last issue.  So, 'yes' its cancelled only because its moving publishers.  I think its now going to be a series of miniseries which I think will be perfect for this series. 
I'm just hoping to see more Colt Noble comics from Seeley at Image.
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I got the first trade because of what I heard, but I really didn't enjoy it that much. Art was meh and so was the story. Now this was the first arc so things should have gotten better.

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I can't wait for the movie!

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My question is why did he jump publishers ? What was wrong with Devil's Due ?
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The plan is for DDP to release issues #30 through #34 before the transition to Image. Issue #30 should reach stores before the end of March, with new issues hitting shelves every couple of weeks through April and May. The "Super-sidekick Slaughter" storyline concludes in #32, with #33 and #34 a stand-alone, two-issue tale, "Murder Messiah."
James Lowder (editor, Hack/Slash)

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I love this comic I just hope that switching companies won't affect it in anyway.

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@JLowder: Thanks for that update!
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THANK YOU SIR for the info!
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