Hack/Slash crossovers

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What other horror franchises should Cassie and Vlad take on? I'd like to see Hack/Slash vs Army of Darkness. What happen when 3 monsters hunters come together? A groovy time! And Hack/Slash vs Leather Face.

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Hack/Slash/Ash does have a ring to it :) 
Mind you Ash really could be in any of the zombie-slasher comics and make you take notice. 
Evil Ernie was an inspired choice of crossover they did but i felt it kinda got messy at the end and i know its a cliche where the crossover-ee has to loose the battle to the crossover-host so at least they tried to work it out.

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@Nasher: Yeah who better for a team of slasher killers to team up with then the man who took down Freddy and Jason? I'd like to see them crossover with more movie slashers like Michael Myers, Leather Face, or even Jigsaw.
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oooh Jigsaw.. now that could be fun.. i always thought they never really got enough imagination into the contraptions in the later films.. comic books could be a great way to explore that.

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@Nasher: Yep. And it would be a nice change of pace to the bloody fight scenes. And it could easily be set up, after all Jigsaw hates people who don't appreciate life and I think he would see Cassie and Vlad's slasher hunting as a waste of their lives.
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Ash would be a fun character to have around. Of course, seeing Vlad versus Jason would be great as well. Freddy, Pinhead, pretty much any horror cameo would be funny or fun to see. Throw Pumpkinhead in there or something.

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I don't know how I didn't think about Pumpkin Head!!! 

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After reading the Welcome to the Bayou, shows that Frank Castle can take on any slasher. So I'd like to see a crossover between Hack/Slash and Marvel's Punisher.

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Hack/Slash VS Capcom's Darkstalkers, I wish they thought about it  when they were both being published by DDP!

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Buffy the vampire slayer + Hack/slash= awesome

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I'd like to see Hack/Slash vs Army of Darkness

good news, it already happend

can someone give a complete list of hack slash miniseries, annuals, crossovers and OS from imgae comics in publication order please?

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