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Cassandra loses her voice

Cassandra was raised alone by her mother, and after becoming angry with her telling her what she couldn't do, Cassandra screamed: "I wish you were dead." Discovering her mother had actually died, Cassandra quickly realised that she had a gift and was placed into an orphanage. Refusing to speak since the death of her mother, Lennox eventually found the young Cassandra and took her under his wing.

One night however, Cassandra commanded forty people to kill each other on a whim. This drove Lennox to engage her and resulted in him tearing out her throat with his bare hands.

Cassandra now possesses a mechanical throat that has been grafted to her neck allowing her to speak.


Cassandra was created by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang in the New 52 series, Wonder Woman. She first appeared in Issue #13.

Major Story Arcs

Cassandra was part of the team that discovered the First Born in ice, and quickly caught him up with Mount Olympus' current events. She has accompanied the First Born as he battled Hades and Poseidon eventually making their way to London where they confronted Lennox, Diana, Zola and Hera in an attempt to capture Zeke. While the First Born battled Lennox and Diana, Cassandra chases Zola, however is knocked unconscious by Zeke's latent abilities.

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