Cassandra's Shadow Fighters

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Sinestro 2828 started an interesting Cassandra Cain Topic 

Cassandra Cain: Batgirl again or have her own hero identity?     
My response was something on the lines of Cassandra forming a spec ops team sort of like silver Sable's wild pack.

But after that I started thinking about it... Technically Cassandra never officially relinquished her leadership over the League of Assassins, she did actually make an attempt to lead the outsiders in Batman's absence, and she did technically lead a Deathstroke/David Cain "revenge Squad." Given her experience, connections, and family ties it only makes sense that she use her resources to take the offensive.

So, if she did lead a team, who would she select and why?( 10 people max including Cassandra)    
my selections are   

1.      Ravager (fighting skills comparable to with Deathstroke, a mutual disdain for Deathstroke and precognitive abilities)

2.      Onyx (Former Member of the League of Assassins and cassandra has an immense respect for her "she understands me")

3.      Red X ( Red Robin/ Tim Drake) (He was able to outwit Ra's Al Ghul and he has a history with the League of Assassins)

4.      Aruna (Aruna Shende) (Shapeshifter and celebrity Status)

5.      Tigris ( undying Loyalty to Cassandra Cain)

6.      Lady Shiva ( enough Said)

7.      Black Canary ( Dinah Lance) 

8.      Proxy ( 10th level intellect and her computer skills give her an alternative to Oracle--there has been tension between the two of them for quite some time.) 

9.      Alfred (Intelligence expertise, medic, councilor, dietician etc. and a pivotal cornerstone to the Bat Family...enough said) 

Any  Suggestions?    
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Birds of prey?

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your numbering is horrible....your grade school teacher should loose his/her license

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@danhimself said:

"your numbering is horrible....your grade school teacher should loose his/her license "

Oh I know. 
Believe or not I can actually count


but for some reason I have had trouble getting the numbering bullets to work right for me on the Vine. I'm going to go back and fix it manually but I've been short on time lately.  
And for the record you spell you spell Lose with only one "O" not 2 the other way is Loose "as in not intact or secure"...Just Saying     
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That wasn't the idea but... I can agree with you on the similar organization. Actually I chose the term Shadow Fighters because they were a team assembled to fight Eclipso. Her entire life has in some form or another centered around people who are "more than human" and dwell in darkness so it seemed fitting.
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this group kinda sounds funky, and that's a very positive adjective. i especially lik the part where ravager joins, cuz i really do like her and cass working together. riot girls! but, why don't you add stephanie brown, just so she and cass could hve a reunion?

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@sputnik:  That would never work.  Stephanie isn't dark, and she doesn't fit into what a whole Shadow Fighters would go for.
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I dont know, she did punch Bruce after his resurrection, worked for Penguin, and even Tim Drake said that he couldn't trust her so she could potentially have a darker side to her that would make her candidate material 
(**Correction: she slapped Bruce not punched**)
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@ChadwickDavis: she does seem to be sly a lot of ties. i really want her and cass reunited. they just look so adorable together as friends
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She has proven to be one of Cassandra's truest friends, it has been hinted that Cassandra did teach her how to fight, and she did spend time in the middle east . That last one alone would make her worth considering.   
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Can you put Creeper on it plzzzz?
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"Can you put Creeper on it plzzzz?" 
Hey, Why not? 
It would be your recomendations for a team, but what about the rest of the roster? Cassandra and Creeper is a little light (formidable but light) don't you think?     

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