Cassandra to return

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 okay i'll admit i'm behind in all things Batman, but wasn't she in charge of the League of Assasins, and isn't Lynx supposed to be dead. but i am happy to hear shes coming back,

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@RedK said:
"  okay i'll admit i'm behind in all things Batman, but wasn't she in charge of the League of Assasins, and isn't Lynx supposed to be dead. but i am happy to hear shes coming back, "
She was, but that was a couple years ago. She was Batgirl again after that (she quit when Bruce Wayne disappeared). Lynx has been back for awhile now.
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@Gambler:  cool, guess that goes to show how far behind i am with all things Bat related
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I might have missed something when reading Red Robin 13, but how is it based on that issue that Cassandra is in Hong Kong? It could be Lady Shiva for all I know and Lady Shiva would be pissed the way Tim handled her last time lol.

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There is a screen in Red Robin 13 who shows Cassandra Hong Kong? 
 and its a new Lynx

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Cassandra was the most badass Batgirl ever...Hope she gets her cowl back from Stephanie eventually, or makes up a new identity of her own, her background and skills are just too awesome for her to just vanish from the game forever.

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Cassandra Forever
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If true: cool beans. If not true she'll show up in Batgirl.

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How about Cassandra teaming up with Batmite? It is said that the fifth dimension is to return Krypton.  He probably has clearance due to all the damage that has been done.  She said her mind not good to wear the batgirl mantle. He could help her out in his own way or make it worst. He is fan and probably thought the same like everyone that her character was mistreated.  It is good time for her to join with one of Batman’s most bizarre beings he ever met. He can tell the reason why Jason Todd died.     

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that certainly does look like cassandra! i hope she returns as batgirl

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I really really want Cass to return soon. 
But not as Batgirl..
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Hurry up and show yourself Cassandra! lol

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i really hope that she gets to return in november.. if she does, then i'll start picking up red robin

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@e12101988: Red Robin is great, even without Cass, but if she shows up, I'll squeal like a school girl!
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I honestly think she should come back as a regular in Red Robin. That book was suffering the beginning (even though I love it I must say it did suffer) and Tim and Cass are 2 HUGE fan favs in the batman family. If she comes back as a regular in Red Robin as Tim's ally like somone who trains him or a back up for him it will be great. WIll also give writers opportunity to explore a bro sis relationship between them since thye both adopted by bruce and will also help show hwere they going since neither of them have a traditional batman family mantle as of now (such as robin batgirl or nightwing).  
She can be Tim's Alfred.

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