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Go over of makeover Harveyvile Heroes

This is a celebration for the 60 years of the friendly ghost. Many things have been remodeled that can easily scene from looking at Wendy and Hot Stuff. These two characters reached obscurity in the years with little knowledge known about them. Wendy is more attention since able summarize every creature.   Hot stuff is the trouble maker he is lightly introduced in this issue, so is the villain Vollbragg, the new character for this series. They have given Casper a villain that is completely cruel and evil with unredeemable factors. Scaring has more of a reason for the ghosts and witches than the other carnations including the classic. Fear is power source which once strengthen Vollborg now restrains him.

The new look is the most noticeable. Wendy’s hood and stripped socks provide a nice touch. Hot stuff dressed more casual which is better than his briefs that look like dippers. Casper holds his classic look; the reason could be the blue eyes look in the comic may looked creepy. You can see at this link for evidence.


 The setting of New York which feels little too overdone, even with interdimensional realms, but stating that the villain lived when it was New Amsterdam provides ok touch on it.

                As a start up to the ark it was good. This provides open to seeing old and new characters later on the series. An anniversary reboot would be questionable but since Casper needed a makeover to be more relevant I like it.    


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