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Baseball Pro & Techie Junkie
As the grand-daughter of baseball coach Bill Kinmont, Casey would often have great seats to the ball games.  However, she was often bored, as she waited for the game to finish so she could see her granddad.  On such occasions she would entertain herself sending messages to her friends via her phone.  One time, she even managed to catch the baseball and toss it back towards the park without looking away from her phone, but to her surprise the ball hit a passing stranger in the face. 
Casey made her apologies, offered to fetch a doctor, and grabbed napkins from the hot dog vendors to help clean up the blood.  She even offered for the stranger to join her in the seats next to her.  However, he was an embarrassment as he continued to shout & yell at the players.  She was even more aggravated when he started to insist on meeting her granddad and stole her glasses. However, when Casey snatched her glasses back and put them on, she saw the world  through a very different perspective.

Mayor Story Arcs

Demon Baseball

The Death Of Bill Kinmont
The players on the visiting team were all demons.  The sky was black & purple.  However, no-one else seemed to notice it! The stranger whom she'd hit with the baseball informed her that he had performed an enchantment on her glasses; that she would see the world as it truly was.  He added that the visiting side had been possessed, and that if the home team lost then it would cost her grandfather his life. Casey rushed into the stadium and insisted on seeing her granddad.  Although the bodyguards refused to let her through (as was the old man's usual rules), she pushed her way through.  Inside his office, her grandfather was distraught.  He explained that he had made a drunken deal with a demon named Tul'Uth 30 years previously.   
Tul'Uth appeared and  bound the stranger & Casey back to back, and began to taunt the stranger.  Tul'Uth recognized Doctor Strange and mocked him for the drastic decline in his powers.  However, Tul'Uth also revealed that the deal with the previous team of Portland Loggers was based on the team who played at the stadium; not on the individual players.  Therefore, on the day that the contract expired he had possessed the visiting team and used magic to cheat, and claim the lives of the home team.  When Bill Kinmont accused Tul'Uth of cheating, the demon grew angry and incinerated the old man right before Casey's eyes.  

Performing Magic

Tul'Uth left the coach's office, leaving Strange & Casey still  bound.  She cried over her grandfather's still burning ashes, but Strange wouldn't let her grieve.  His hands were shaky, and therefore he couldn't create the correct gesture to cast a spell to free them.  He made Casey flex her right hand into the necessary posture and repeat the magic words he told her to.  It ws difficult for Casey, who was distraught over the death of her grandfather.  As she managed to repeat the last word of the spell, she began to glow purple, and the magical binding around her & Strange disappeared. Strange congratulated her on being a natural.  Casey seemed to ignore him.  She collapsed to the ground and sobbed for her granddad.  She had been his little princess, but suddenly lost her entire world.  When Strange tried to build her confidence and ask for her help to save everyone in the stadium, Casey seemed lost in her grief.

Still In Play 

By the time Casey managed to pull herself together, Strange had put himself into the game of baseball.  He substituted the batter, and made two strikes.  It looked like he was about to make a third strike when Casey interfered. Using the same magical gesture as before, she cast a spell over the ball.  It flew away from the catcher and darted around.  Casey cried to Strange to run as the ball was still in play.  Despite the possessed team's best efforts to stop him, Strange managed to complete a home run and won the game for the home team. The possessed demons disappeared, and the sky returned to daylight blue.  The crowd cheered as Casey ran & leapt into Strange's arms with a celebratory hug.  He showed her the baseball, which was the new prison for Tul'Uth.  She realized that he had manipulated the baseball into hitting him in the face earlier, which he admitted was a little misdirection.  Although he sincerely apologized for what happened to her grandad, Casey left Strange to wash her face.

Magical Princess 

Alone in the ladies bathroom, Casey continued to cry.  She'd taken her glasses off to wash her face.  As she replaced her glasses, she looked up into the bathroom mirror and saw her reflection through the enchanted lenses.  Instead of the fiesty college girl with black hair & midnight blue highlights, she saw a little girl with an emerald green gown with gold embroidery, with a grown on her auburn hair. Casey narrowed her eyes  in determination.  She ran back out onto the pitch and cried out to Strange.  She wanted to know what he'd meant previously when he called her a 'natural'.  However, he had already cast his spell and began to disappear in front of her eyes.  Casey was left standing in the middle of the empty baseball diamond.  By her feet there was the mysterious emblem of Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, which she didn't recognize.  She was left wondering what to do next.

Magic Abuse 

With the knowledge of how to repeat the spell Strange had taught her, Casey began to use the spell to remove real-life irritations.  While in an internet cafe she made a stranger's cellular phone disappear, and later she used it again to remove the clamp from her car.  She had used it several times, and even used it to remove the removal's van that he cousins were using to haul away her late-granddad's belongings. It had been a severe shock to see them turn up at the house, helping themselves to anything they believed to be of value.  She tried to argue with them, to force them to leave since they had never given any time to their grand-father while he was alive.  However, because of problems with his will, they had the property declared a joint family asset and therefore continued to loot his belongings.  Taunted with the title 'Princess', Casey withdrew feeling sorry for herself. Therefore when she saw the removals van parked outside, she decided to make it disappear with the only spell she knew. Casey would only leave the house when it was being guarded by her friend Nissa, who she could see was 'a bad-ass at heart'.

The Search For Strange 

Casey used the magical logo left behind in the dirt as a clue, and she began searching for Doctor Strange.  Armed with her glasses that reveal the true nature of everything, she began to meet with other internet users who had responded to her.  However, despite their outer appearances she could see them for the raving lunatics, wannabe casanovas or even a deadly demon. Chosk-Dynn had posed as a handsome blond man in a restaurant to coerce information out of Casey.  At first he explained Doctor Strange's background, and what the title of Sorcerer Supreme meant.  He then grew angry & aggressive when demanding that she give him information on Strange's current whereabouts in return.  However, Casey was terrified & repulsed by the demon's true form.  Chosk-Dynn would have attacked her if Strange hadn't appeared from a nearby table and distracted the demon with salt-water.

Strange Reunion 

Away from the restaurant, Strange revealed that she would have found him sooner if Casey hadn't mis-spelt his name when searching on the internet.  Strange was also startled by Casey's continued use of magic.  He had intended for his spell on her glasses to wear off after a few hours, and was shocked to learn that she'd handed the lenses from such important glasses to the clerk in a beauty parlor purely to have them set into more attractive frames.  However, Strange was more alarmed by how Casey could still use his 'Vanishing Spell' when she said that she was "getting good at it". Strange hadn't expected Casey to continue using magic.  She was a natural, and it surprised him.  However, because the spell was only meant to be used once, he had never taken the time to explain the repercussions.  The spell wasn't actually a 'Vanishing Spell'.  It was a 'Relocation Spell', which sent the items into a different dimension.  The keeper of that dimension had grown angry with Strange in the past, and therefore Strange made a pact never to use it again.  Because the pact had inadvertently been broken, all the items that Casey had 'vanished' and hideous monsters began to rain down on the city streets.

Another Dimension 

Casey tried the only thing she knew, but the spell wouldn't make the monsters disappear.  She asked Strange to teleport them away, but he refused since they had to deal with the mess she'd accidentally created.  So Casey turned her spell on themselves; making herself & Strange teleport to the dimension where she had been sending all the lost items. Instantly the change in gravity & the putrid smell hit her, and Casey threw up.  Strange seemed unaffected and greeted Baroshtok, the guardian of that dimension.  Baroshtok was furious, but Strange managed to calm him.  He introduced Casey as the lost little princess her cousins had treated her as.  He explained that she had lost everything when her granddad passed away, and that despite being lonely she still maintained courage & was seeking new purpose.  The ogre agreed to forgive them, and instantly sent them home.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice 

Arriving in a dark back alley, Casey was moved by Strange's description of her to Baroshtok.  She was surprised by how he'd called her brave.  However, he didn't hear her as he was busy throwing rubbish out of his way in frustration at his own lack of power.  Strange apologised, and acted surprised when Casey asked what they were going to do next; implying that they would be together for a while to come.  She was aware that she couldn't unlearn the Vanishing Spell, and that Strange wasn't going to let her walk around causing chaos again. Strange stood up off the alley floor, and re-affirmed what Casey was saying; that magic would run amok unless she focused.  He then revealed the same logo on the floor from the baseball pitch and began a teleportal to New York.  Casey was more concerned about going back to her hotel room to have a hot shower & collect her Vuitton luggage.  However, Strange pulled her into the teleportal.  Casey screamed as she was spirited to New York.

Powers & Skills


Although Doctor Strange described Casey as a natural, to date she had only performed the same spell over & over.  However, he obviously trusted her enough to teach her the spell, which she successfully used a second time without any coaching.

Vanishing Spell

 Doctor Strange taught Casey a 'Vanishing Spell'.  Although he didn't reveal to her at the time that was what he called it, or the repercussions of repeated use of the spell.  Technically the spell doesn't make things disappear; it relocates items to another dimension.  Casey was able to use the spell on a variety of items including small cellular telephones and something as large as a removals van.

IT Literate 

Casey clearly knows how to use her 3G phone, and as such is also likely to be aware of other modern technology, including computers.


Author Mark Waid has described Casey as a stubborn & argumentative college girl who is hard to teach.  She has demonstrated a strong familial love, and loyalty to new friends.  However, she hides behind a brash facade, and can seem rude when she forgets names.

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