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She lives above the alien infested Earth in a Skyliner, living a life of luxury as the trophy wife of Lucien Delacroix. She is plagued by nightmares about Xenomorphs and Predators. She suddenly finds herself fighting for her life as she is hunted by a Predator and to make matters worse, aliens as well. Surprisingly formidable as she was created to be perfect, Caryn Delacroix manages to survive to only find that it was an virtual reality simulation and that the Predator she fought against to survive was very real as well, kept captive in a lab.

Abilities and Biology

Caryn Delacroix is a genetically perfect human being and is a formidable opponent, able to survive being hunted by a Predator while coping with a horde of Xenomorphs. She is able to change her appearance, being originally blonde before changing her hair color to brunette. She also has powerful regenerative abilities, surviving being stung by a large group of jellyfish and even completely healing up after giving birth to a Chestburster.

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