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While looking for a murderer in the New York subway tunnels, Wolverine, Spider-Man, and NYPD Lieutenant Tara Curson came across Mole Man and his Moloids. Curson told Mole Man that he was under arrest for several murders committed above ground, but Mole Man claimed neither he nor any of his creatures were the cause of those murders, as his ultimate goal was world domination and didn't call for random murders of innocent people. He instead told them of a group of mutants that had recently taken up residence in his tunnels, vicious surface-dwellers with monstrous creatures and powerful weaponry. Wolverine then suggested that Mole Man lead them to these mutants so that they could find their murderer and leave Mole Man's underground kingdom in peace, a deal that Mole Man willingly accepted.

After leading them to the area where the mutants were, Mole Man left - only for Wolverine, Spider-Man and Curson to be attacked and overpowered by several of the mutants. Carver then introduced himself to the group, informing them that he wasn't going to let their trespassing into his territory go unpunished. Wolverine tries to attack Carver, but is stopped by a huge, hairy creature that smashes him into the ground. Carver introduces the creature as Fugue, and that he is the murderer they've been looking for. However, he also tells them that Fugue isn't actually intelligent enough to know right from wrong. Wolverine tells Carver that doesn't excuse murder and that Fugue should be held accountable for his actions, but Carver simply responds by saying that he and his group are Morlocks and that they don't have to abide by the rules and morals of the surface world. Wolverine then challenges Carver to a duel for leadership of the group, as per Morlock law.

Soon Carver and Wolverine battle atop a pillar surrounded by a deep, fiery chasm, while both of their allies are forced to simply watch. Carver proves to be a tough opponent, until Wolverine slashes one of his eyes - one of Carver's few weak spots. Furious, Fugue leaps onto the pillar to attack Wolverine, but Wolverine slashes him and nearly causes Fugue to fall into the chasm, only for him to be held up thanks to one of Spider-Man's webs.

Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, causing both Carver and Wolverine to fall off the pillar. Wolverine tries to keep Carver from falling into the chasm while Spider-Man tries to do the same for Fugue. The ground continues to shake however, causing Carver to slip and Spider-Man's webbing to break, resulting in both Fugue and Carver falling into the chasm. Mole Man then appears, eager to help them escape from an oncoming landslide. As they make their way back to the surface, Wolverine asks Mole Man whether or not he was the one who caused the earthquake - but Mole Man simply brushes the question aside.

It's presumed that both Carver and Fugue perished. They have yet to make a reappearance.

Powers & Abilities

Carver is a mutant who possesses enhanced strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes. His skin is is of such a high density that it's virtually impenetrable, even by Adamantium. He also has retractable bone spikes that extend from his wrists and elbows.

Despite the invulnerability of his skin, Carver's eyes were shown not to be as invulnerable.

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