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Review: FusionFall Worlds Collide

(I haven't actually played FusionFall, though I'd like to)

So, first, let me say that the concept of Cartoon Network's finest teaming up against a global threat is awesome. The best part was seeing them all in their new anime-style looks. There were also some unexpected things. (For example, Dee Dee, Mac, and Bloo are surprisingly good in a fight)

I also think the book does an good job of showing how the characters would interact with each other. Dexter and the Professor combine their brain power, everyone else finds Numbuh 2's jokes just as bad as Numbuh 5 usually does, Bloo has no interest in working with a team, etc. It's actually something I don't think they did enough of.

There were some parts that fell a little flat, though. The story was kinda short. (Yes, I realize it's only a tie-in, but still) Also, I'm probably not the only one who still wants to see Dexter and Blossom end up together. I am, however, probably the only one who wants to see them both team up with Numbuh 1 and kick some bad guy ass. Also, does anyone else think they should have kept the younger Ben for the game? (I mean, I think the sequel shows were good, just not as good)

On a personal note I'd also like to say this: being a huge fan of the Kids Next Door, it's great to finally see them playing a major role in something involving the other Cartoon Network shows.

So, to sum it all up, Worlds Collide was a great story, albeit a short one.


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