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Carter Winston served as Gotham's Governor in Batman #23.3. In this issue he takes on the Penguin, after he killed three people who won big at the Iceberg Casino.

It is revealed that Winston and Cobblepot were childhood friends, with Winston standing up for Cobblepot when he was bullied at boarding school.

Winston however feels that the Penguin has gone too far to damage Gotham and makes it clear to him that he is shutting down the Iceberg Casino and taking back the city.

However, the Penguin drugs Winston and when he awakes, he finds himself inside a hotel room. On the bed lies his dead assistant and the Penguin is sitting on a chair next to the bed. He shows Winston footage of himself on Venom killing his assistant, as well as some sexually tinted messages on his phone.

Winston is unable to live with this kind of blackmailing. During a press conference he takes the stage, says: "Sometimes the bullies get it right." and shoots himself through the head.

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