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Professor Miles Warren, the Jackal, had combined a deadly virus with a clone of himself that created the creature known as Carrion. The Jackal supposedly died before Carrion could be released from his clone casket. Randy Vale (a former student of the professor) released Carrion from his casket and Carrion possessed the same memories and hatred that the Jackal had of Spider-Man.


Carrion was created by Bill Mantlo and Jim Mooney in 1978 and first appeared in The Spectacular Spider-Man #25.

Character Evolution

Carrion forced Vale to work for him, provided him with a suit and weapon and called him Darter. Due to his telepathic abilities, Carrion new Spider-man's identity, and after many attempts at defeating the wall crawler Carrion captured Peter Parker, and tried to kill him with a giant amoeba but Spider-Man would escape, with the help of White Tiger and the amoeba ends up killing Carrion.

Powers and Abilities

Carrion's main power was his deadly touch. On contact, his skin disintegrates any and all organic matter on contact. Carrion also used a red dust that killed the victim.

As well as this, he could reduce the density of his body and had super strength, telepathy, levitation, telekinesis of anything organic and teleportation.

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