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Carolyn Parmenter (formerly with the New Atlantis Research Installation) is recruited by Bruce Banner to be part of Project Hulkbuster. Bruce Banner wanted a Hulkbuster group to take out the Hulk after the Hulk and Banner physically seperated. Carolyn and her other recruits were specialist in their selected field and that is one reason why Banner chose each individual. The Hulkbuster group was created and used government equipment and weapons for their missions.

The Hulkbuster's first mission was to take on Doc Samson after luring him to a remote area with a robotic Hulk. Carolyn was accidently shot down by her teammate during the battle. Doc Samson tried to save her life but Carolyn was killed when the burning aircraft exploded. The Hulkbuster's leader, Samuel J. Laroqutte always blamed Doc Samson for her death.

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