Yvonne Strahovski as Ms. Marvel

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Seems the "who should play Ms Marvel" discussions have had a sort of resurgence so I wanted to make this thread as a kind of petition for Yvonne Strahovski to play Carol Danvers.

First of all, I think we can all agree the Avengers franchise needs a powerful female member other than Black Widow.

Let's look at some other viable possibilities and why Ms Marvel would be the better choice.

1. Wasp-I love wasp, but she would be somewhat cheesy on the big screen. Adapting her powers to film would be awkward. Plus If she is there, antman has to be as well and that may make for too many characters in the next Avengers.

2. She Hulk- I love She Hulk, but she would just be redundant on a team with hulk.

3. Scarlet Witch- She is too attached to other franchises. Her origin may have to be completely redone and that would essentially make her a different character, plus her powers aren't so well defined.

4.Spider Woman-This could be potentially bad, financially, with all the people who want spider-man in avengers.

5. sersi/crystal/storm-Again, too attached to other franchises and their origins would be altered heavily more than likely, though an Inhumans movie would be amazing.

The fact is with Ms Marvel's history in the military and with shield, she would be the perfect choice. She is connected pretty much only to avengers.

Yvonne Strahovski is a great actress. I have heard a some who thought she was bad, but she acts with more than words, she uses body language, eye movements and everything possible besides just dialogue to make her characters come alive. On "Chuck" she gained a lot of experience in action oriented roles.

Now for some pics.

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How are Sersi, Crystal, and Scarlet Witch heavily attached to other franchises? The Inhumans and Eternals were never mentioned in any movie, not even hinted at or easter egged. And the Scarlet Witch connection to Magneto can be glossed over.. you don't need to mention who her father is.

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@Nova`Prime`: When i say other franchises, i don't necessarily mean movie franchises. Delving into the inhumans and eternals would be too much, at least at this point in the marvel movies. Yeah but what would be the fun of scarlet witch with out her mutant origins? That's what makes her an interesting character. She would be totally screwed over because I doubt fox (I think that's who's making the xmen movies) would even let them mention the word "mutant" in a non fox marvel movie.

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Yes. That is a really nice choice...

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Good choice I don't know much about her as an actress but she has the look.

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Yes.She is perfect for the role.

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I'm not impressed.

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I think this could work. She doesn't quite fit who I imagine Ms Marvel being but I cannot think of anyone more suitable. Besides Mark Ruffalo wouldn't have been my first choice for Banner but he was great.

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@Mercy_ said:


Going to double this yes. Why? Because she''s the only one I know who's responded here.

And also because Yvonne is my ultimate favorite female ever!

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Don't really see her as Ms. Marvel.

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Yvonne is perfect for Ms Marvel.

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Almost all of the reasons you gave for the exclusion of other heroines can easily be applied to Ms Marvel as well:

Connected to other Franchises: The introduction of Ms Marvel would pretty much necessitate the introduction of the original Captain Marvel and the Kree, which considering Thanos appears to be the main villain in the next one, is not completely out of the realm of possibility, but its still an issue. They could 'skip' Captain Marvel, but then most hard core fans would be more than a little peeved if they did that just so that Ms Marvel could show up, and Captain Marvel makes more sense to introduce with Thanos than Carol at this point. Also, if they glossed over her origins, they could easily do so with any of the others you said were too connected as well.

Redundancy: Ms Marvel is a flying brick. Thor is also a flying brick and a much better one at that and so is Iron Man to some extent. Hulk is the main brick of that team. Her energy manipulation powers are also reminiscent of Iron Man and, to some extent, Thor. And her status as a SHIELD agent replicates both Widow and Hawkeye. Again they could include her anyway, but then they could include any of the others as well.

My guess is Carol will be the one introduced in the next movies, with her taking on the name of Captain Marvel (not his overall mantle, as that was assumed by Quasar a long time ago), costume change that could potentially make it much easier to put her in a movie (similar to their change of Thor's costume just prior to his movie) and overall more exposure and larger push in the Marvel Universe. I'm not opposed to this, Carol is probably my favorite of the female Avengers, but she is hardly the best choice for their current team in terms of adding something new. In all honesty the only female Avengers that would add anything new in terms of story and/or abilities would be Scarlet Witch, Sersi, and Wasp.

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@Enyalios: nope, cause I want her more than the others, hahaha

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With some work maybe.

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I always felt Ali Larter could be a good Ms. Marvel...

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@NYStreets09e said:

I always felt Ali Larter could be a good Ms. Marvel...

I prefer Yvonne by far, but this girl could probably pull it off.

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@Nova`Prime` said:

How are Sersi, Crystal, and Scarlet Witch heavily attached to other franchises? The Inhumans and Eternals were never mentioned in any movie, not even hinted at or easter egged. And the Scarlet Witch connection to Magneto can be glossed over.. you don't need to mention who her father is.

I think when they sell the license, they sell a big package of stuff related to it. For example, in the Avengers movie they used the Chitauri (an Ultimate universe tribe of Skrulls) because they couldn't use the word Skrull even if they never appeared in the FF movies, because Skrulls are heavily related to them.

The inhumans are heavily tied with FF too, and while Scarlet Which is a reknowed avenger, she started her story in the X-Universe.

At least that's what I understood about the Chitauri in the movie.

PS: At OP, nice choice for that character indeed, she resembles her well.

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Katee Sackhoff for Ms. Marvel

every time someone suggests yvonne for ms marvel god kills a kitten, please think of the kittens.

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@TheGodofThunder: damn she is hot!!!!!!

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Beau Garrett would be a good 2nd choice she looked good in an army uniform in FF rise of the silver surfer as captain raye.

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Here is your Ms. Marvel
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I could see Yvonne or Ali Larter in the role.

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@TDK_1997 said:

Yes.She is perfect for the role.

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I think she could pull off a great Carol Danvers.

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Carrie Keagan

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@sunhawk: XD

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Not the best decision for Ms. Marvel, but its not too shabby either. I did enjoy her performances in Chuck though.

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Not a terrible choice. Maybe not the best either. You could do way worse, though.

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damn she fine

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Yvonne would be a fantastic choice(Chuck was a great show). She'd be second behind Rachel Nichols for me. She's slightly taller, and definitely has the looks, and physique(fantastic toned legs).

She's been in plenty of action roles from fighting with knives(Conan), to martial arts[Alias,GI Joe(as Scarlet), Continuum,Raze(where she fights Zoe Bell)], and loves doing her own stunts/fights. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZAiQUdgh0M

She's great at playing an agent/cop/detective/military role as well from GI Joe, Alias, Continuum, and Criminal Minds.

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I always thought that Yvonne Strahovski would make a great Black Canary!

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Yvonne Strahovski, would be great as Captain Marvel, but we will see, unless Whedon drops the twins it's unlikely we will see Varol in Phase 2... 3 maybe? Unless the quicksilver argument changes thinks... Still she could do with the iron man treatment and get a classic origin movie first.

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I like Yvonne for Ms.Marvel. Though part of me is really pining for Gina Carano to play her

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Yvonne? YES!!

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