Where do her powers come from?

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So Ms. Marvel's bio says that she was hit with a Kree psyche magnitron, causing her DNA to resemble that of a Kree... But the Kree by nature do not have the powers Ms. Marvel has. So what's the deal? is there some other factor in her origin?

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Her powers remind me of Captain Marvel, maybe thats what it meant.

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My theory is, based on what I've read, is that because Carol is half human, she likely possesses the X-gene. The Kree magnitron's immediate effect was to turn thoughts into reality, and because of her dream of flying, that dream gave her the ability to fly. The other powers, like energy manipulation came about after she was abducted by the Kree, after she lost her powers to Rogue. Then comes the Binary part of her story.

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The_Martian said:
Her powers remind me of Captain Marvel, maybe thats what it meant.
It's been a very VERY long time since I read it, but I believe she was hit by some sort of laser that also hit Captain Marvel.  She was originally human, but absorbed some of his Kree DNA.  

She was just a female spin-off from a male character, but after a while she actually over took him in popularity... probably helped by the fact that she was in Rogue's body for a long time, while Captain Marvel was... well, dead.
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Wow, I never realized there was a Captain Mavel for both Universes, Marvel and DC.   
Anyway, supposedly she was in the explosion from a Kree device and got superhuman abilities due to it.  But origins change when the try to reinvent characters...  

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So is she a mutate or a mutant?         %Pr

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From my knowledge and this thread's answers, I'd say mutate. Wasn't she zapped when she was an adult? The mutant gene usually kicks in around puberty, so I am doubting she is one.

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She was experimented on by the Kree and later the Brood, they altered the structure of her DNA. As such her powers are artificial.
Mutants are born with the X-Gene and don't usually require an outside stimulus for their powers to emerge. In this way you could describe them as naturally having their powers.
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@cracks said:

" So is she a mutate or a mutant?         %Pr "

I've always thought of her as human but she comes with the superpowered Kree mutation/meta gene
Kree can be mutants too 
Her orgins lie in a story where an explosion (plot device) causes her to gain the same powers as Captain Mar-Vell (alien dude who flew around and zaped people). 
The Kree warrior  Mar-Vell  had all kinds of super strength powers and energy absorbing powers. Miss Marvel gains his same power and she began basically as a clone of the Captain Marvel but she soon developed into her own unique character
By the time the 70s comes along her character has developed a lot of depth and Miss Marvel has her own comicbook and is teaming up with heroes like Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Defenders team.
Originally it was a freak explosion
but I think her origin might be retconed into experimentation like Dane described

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