What would happen if Binary became the new host for Phoenix

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The question is in the title. But I'm curious would it overload Carol or boost her power level to 1 of the top characters in the Marvel Universe?

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Kind of irrelevant since she's confirmed to be the new Captain Marvel.

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Carol as an avatar of the Phoenix Force? That's a scary thought, Carol can kinda be an idiot. 
Carol: "Oh Wanda you're back, let's go to Avengers Mansion." 
Wanda "I don't think that's a good idea. I'm not ready for that."
Carol: "C'mon, lets go."
Wanda: "Well if you're sure...."
Stupid Carol.

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I thought only telepaths could

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@spiderbat87 said:

I thought only telepaths could

It has something to do with telepaths (particulary Omega-Level TPs) being able to sustain the energy of the Phoenix Force. A few non-telepaths have wielded the Phoenix Force. But Carol would be interesting as Phoenix but since you mentioned it Wanda would be downright disastrous with the Phoenix Force. She'd obliterate Hope & probably 616 & mess up some of the alternate universes or realities.

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It wouldn't be that ineteresting for me to see.I like to see Carol not that overpowered.

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