ms.marvel is officailly become captain marvel and what y think of

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her costume?



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The first two pictures are horrendous. Short hair does NOT suit her.

But the scans? They look AMAZING. I will DEFINITELY pick this up.

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Costume meh, I get it but don't dig it. looks terrible in the sample pages too. That hair is atrocious as well. I mean wtf, man?! I'm all for more females having ongoing titles at Marvel, but changing her name...well to me it places her even more in the shadow of her Male counterpart/forerunner. One of the biggest problems with female characters at the big two is that they're more often than not conceptually indebted to male characters for their origin/code name/etc. This was already a situation too late to avoid with Carol, but I think making her Captain Marvel vs giving her a new ongoing makes it worse.

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