Ms. Marvel & the Nega-Bands

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Considering that the Nega-Bands were created by the kree, for a kree warrior, and they manipulate energy (from the Negative Zone), do you think that Ms. Marvel should be the current wielder.  I know she is kind of dead at the moment, BUT her powers are of kree origin, she is a warrior, and she manipulates energy.  I think with the Nega-Bands she could have the same power level as she did when she was Binary.  She may be the only one able to manipulate Negative Zone energy to its fullest potential.

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@Zanatos: Hmm, I like that idea, but the only problem is, it might make Ms. Marvel a bit TOO powerful, things like the Nega-Bands should be saved for people who have no actual super's like giving the already super strong and super fast Scorpion the Venom symbyote--er, I mean it's like giving the Green Goblin a suit like Iron Man--er, I mean, umm, I, uhhh...

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