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Carol Danvers-Ms.Marvel

OK so I am trying to put together a chronology for Carol's appearances...

I have her straight through Operation: Galactic Storm
Then Avengers #348, 350-351 - 1992
Jump to Quasar 54-57 - 1994
X-men Unlimited #13 - 1996
Then Avengers #1 (Post Heroes Reborn) 1998

Did I miss any appearances in between?  Because she's still has her Binary form in X-men Unlimited #13 and then she doesn't in Avengers #1. 

Let me know if I missed anything...
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And Starblast that

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I wish I had all the Ms. Marvel appearances in order.. I'm still trying to get a good deal on the 1977 run.  Have the 2005...

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I have an order put together for Ms. Marvel in a chronological / reading order.  Its not complete yet, but I am still working on it and adding to it.

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Didn't she have a run in X-Men for a while when she became Binary(that is the same character right?)

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@ntb1124: Yes she did.  Starting in the 150's and then left when Rogue joined in #171.  
@tstarnes: @fps_dean: If you guys go look at they have these great "Spotlight On..." profile with reading orders for lots of classic characters (including Carol).  Go check it out, i figured out all those Ms Marvel appearances I couldn't find.
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Thanks for the link! I haven't seen that site yet but there's a lot of good information there.

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That's really helpfull.Thank you!

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