Ms Marvel issue 25 talkback

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Anyone read this issue? I finally got around to reading it. It was a great issue. I loved how they did parts in old school art with Ron Frenz. Also loved the art by Adriana Melos. It also had a summary of Ms Marvel's life written by Thomas Brennan at the end.

Kinda hard to not talk about the Skrulls in this issue but try to keep major Skrull talks in this thread

Oh and one last thing, the variant for Ms Marvel 25 and Captain Marvel 4 is awesome.

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that is an awesome pic

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Yeah I love Terry Dodson's art, one of my favorite artists.

#4 Posted by danhimself (21281 posts) - - Show Bio

yeah i'm a big fan of his

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This thread is a month and a half old but I feel like I MUST post here. I don't understand how barely no one seemingly has nothing to say about what (IMO) is the best single issue of the volume, and what looks like it will set up the best arc since the one where Carol fights a version of herself from an alternate universe (again, strictly MO). I thought the interchangeable points in time were great, I loved the balance of plot development dealing with superhuman Carol interchangeable with practical - as real-world as Carol can be - Carol, (one of the best points about the series I would think) and it was probably the greatest example of exposition regarding the humor that's specifically unique to Carol herself. Just a great issue!

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Yes, I agree.  It was a turning point for sales, too.  More people got on board and stayed on board.


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