Ms. Marvel immunity ??

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Is it true that Ms. Marvel is immune to freezing ? Bleeding? burning? Electric shock?

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She can absorb various types of energy, to she could absorb electricity and the heat energy from fire, so she is probably immune to burning and electric shocks. I don't know for sure about freezing though.

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Cold is the absence if heat energy, so there'd be nothing to absorb there. When she has enough power absorbed to go Binary, she catches on fire, so heat should be no problem. Even Superman can bleed, the only way to be immune to that would be to not have blood.

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The others already answered your question, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting that image of Ms. Marvel. It still stings a little whenever I come to Carol's page to see her still in the "Captain" Marvel outfit, so I'm always thrilled when someone still refers to her as Ms. Marvel and shows her in the black costume.

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