if ms. marvel got her own show, who would play her?

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Bryce Dallas might be good but I feel maybe an unknown would be better. Some actors kinda bring baggage with them, they expect shows to be a certain way and sometimes the audience has pre expectations of the actor/actress
I think a fresh face would be needed for a tv series

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@BatDance: A newbie? hmm, that might actually be BETTER!
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Yeah I'd probably prefer an unknown. I picked Elisha Cuthbert cuz woo Canadian though I think she'd be a better Power Girl.

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Really, I don't like any of those options... Bummer, dude!

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All of these are terrible.I just picked Bryce because she was the least ridiculous.I could take Jessica Biel as Ms.Marvel but I doubt she's player her on a TV show.

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Trish Stratus....
just kidding.

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@Caligula said:
" Trish Stratus.... just kidding. "
Can't be Trish she's going to play Wonder Woman :)

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