How severe is her memory loss?(Spoilers)

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As we know in Captain Marvel #14 - The Enemy Within Part Five of Five, in order to 7 million people Carol made a sacrifice that resulted in her losing large amounts of her memories. what parts of her memory we didn't know.


Then we had a small glimpse into that loss from the point of view of Spider-Woman in Avengers Assemble #18


Now with Captain Marvel #15 out August 28th, a preview was released that shows us even more what damage was caused from Carol's own words, as well as how this is affecting her personally.


And with Captain Marvel #17 we will it looks like we get to see how she is coping as well as with the help of a friend, try and rebuild what she lost.


• THE special oversized issue to end all oversized issues!

• In the aftermath of Enemy Within, Carol Danvers must rebuild her memories through the eyes of her biggest fan.

• Find out why this is such a fan-beloved series!


I guess what I'm really asking, is not only how severe it is, but how Carol is coping with her situation and what she can do to try and rebuild her life.

In regards to why there is no issue in November I am going to stand by, even though I will be holding a pinch of salt, what Kelly Sue DeConnick said, until I know more

She said that the book's devoted fans shouldn't be worried.

"Exciting news coming, but I don’t want to step on any Marvel toes by speaking out of turn," DeConnick said. "Until official word is out, Carol Corps -- stay tuned, have faith. It’s all good. I’ve never lied to you before, have I?"

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It's kind of uncomfortable to read with her dealing with the situation, and I'm hoping there's some way to resolve things as much as possible. I think I can trust Kelly Sue DeConnick to make it a well written story whatever happens though.

As for the exciting news, I don't know what it's going to be but I'm very interested in finding out, and I hope the news comes soon. I'm sure it'll be something good, but I'll be unhappy if it means the end of her being in a solo series.

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