Binary/Carol Danvers Appearances In Uncanny X-Men.

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Hi Everyone.

I'm not really an X-Men reader, but I am a Carol Danvers(Ms. Marvel/Captain Marvel) fan. I was wondering if anyone could tell me which of the issues of Uncanny X-Men she appears in are actually worth getting, as in, most important, ones where she has a decent amount of panel time, etc.

I have #162-168, which includes her first appearance as Binary, so could anyone familiar with the following issues help me out?

Edited: I also now own the ones in bold.























Any suggestions for TPBs that include these issues would be useful too. Her issues between #150 and #182 are available in pocket books, but after that, the full size TPBs are kind of expensive, and some of the issues don't seem to have been collected. If anyone knows of any that don't have a comicvine page, I'd like to know.


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Anybody know?

Should I delete this and put it in the X-Men forum instead?

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According to this reading list, issues 150-175 have her. I'm afraid I have nothing for you re: finding the issues, though.

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@soupnazi: Those ones seem to be the easiest ones to get a hold of. Hopefully someone will actually know which are the good ones, and where to find the rest.

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Ebay is always a good place to look, I have most of her Binary appearances from back in the day (to my knowledge) scanned so if you just want scans tag me.

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@sovereign91001: Yeah, I got some pocketbooks on Ebay, so I have a few more appearances now. Hopefully I'll get a bargain on some of the later TPBs sometime.

I don't use scans, but thanks anyway.

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