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A growling, howling, mad dog destroyer. Carnivac can commit the most abominable acts with unrelenting glee. Even in battle there's a smile on his face. His Pretender shell is that of vicious wolf clad in armour and weaponary and his robot form transforms into a robotic wolf.

Marvel comics

Stalking his prey
Carnivac was the leader of the Mayhem Attack Squad, the most deadliest of Decepticon warriors. The Squads first mission was to stop the deranged future- Galvatron during the Time Wars. The Squad teamed up with the Wreckers with secret orders to murder any Autobots still alive when their mission was completed. But both Decepticons and Autobots were in for a shock when they confronted Galvatron as he was joined by his past self, Megatron. Galvatron alone almost single handedly destroyed the Mayhem Attack Squad, quickly killing Battletrap, Flywheels, Venom and Chop Shop. Carnivac would've been Galvatron's next victim but he was saved by the leader of the Wreckers, Springer. Carnivac was shamed by the actions of the brave Autobot and refused to kill him when he had the chance. A warriors bond between them was formed.
After the Time Wars only Carnivac and Catilla remained alive of the Mayhem Attack Squad. Disgusted at their failure the Decepticon hierarchy abandoned them on Earth. Shortly after this they were given a second chance by Scorponok and teamed up with Snarler for a mission. After the successful mission, Catilla and Carnivac refused to rejoin the Decepticons. Snarler was far from impressed and branded them both has traitors. Returning to Cybertron he set about reforming a new Mayhem Attack Squad with the purpose of destroying the former members.
Alone and with no contact with the Decepticons, Carnivac remembered the warrior bond he had formed with Springer and sought him out. With the remants of the Wreckers in a similar position as the Mayhem Attack Squad they joined forces to form a new group called the Survivors. Springer offered them an invitation to be Autobots which Catilla accepted. Carnivac, however, remained a Decepticon.
 Death of a friend
On Cybertron, Snarler had completed reforming the Mayhem Attack Squad by recuiting Spinister and Needlenose, and the Pretenders, Bludgeon, Stranglehold and Octopunch. Snarler and his new Squad returned to Earth and tracked Carnivac down in Dallas. Carnivac escaped the ambush but was mercilessly pursued through the Mexico desert before he was finally cornered in a small village. Even though he was out-numbered six-to-one and ensuring the safety of the human villagers, Carnivac held out for a little while, before being overpowered. Has Spinister was just about to strike the killer blow he was interupted by the sudden appearance of the Survivors with Catilla jumping on the back of Spinister, saving the life of his old friend. For his trouble Catilla was scewered in the chest by Bludgeon's sword killing him. Carnivac swore revenge for the death of his friend.
No escape for Spinister
Sometime later, Carnivac tracked the Squad to a tropical island where they had set up a base. He quickly dispatched the cowardly Needlenose and then set his sights on Bludgeon. Dispite his ability to stalk his prey with absolute silence he could not perform a sneak attack on Bludgeon due to his skills in Metallikato. The two fought a fierce battle but the noise alerted the rest of the Mayhems forcing Carnivac to retreat. With the Decepticons close on his tail he sepertated from his Pretender shell which was destroyed by a blast from Spinister. Believing him destroyed the Mayhems left but Snarler stayed behind to gloat over his dead adversary. It was already to late, though, when he realised that the shell was empty, as Carnivac sprung the trap, crushing Snarler dead by a massive weight of scrap metal dropped from above. Not long after an Autobot group called, Earthforce, arrived at the base and engaged Bludgeon, Octopunch and Stranglehold in battle. Seeing this Spinister retreated but was killed by a single blast to the chest by Carnivac. The remaining Mayhem Attack Squad were denied an honourable death had to endure the dishonour of being taken prisioner by Earthforce. 

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