the Carnage Dilemma: Who's to blame, the heroes or the monster?

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Minimum Carnage ended yesterday in a awesome way (my opinion) and I say that because of how good this arc has been, my focus here is the Omega issue, which was illustrated by Lan Medina (wonderful as usual), and written by Bunn and Yost. Okay The subject that caught me the attention the most was the ending dialogue between Flash and Kaine:


F:What did you Do?!

K: How Many Has He Killed?

F; the Symbiote--

K;NO, it was never the Symbiote. It was US. How many time has he been locked up only to escape and Kill Again? At a certain Point, It's Not his Fault Anymore. He IS what He IS. He Kills Becuase we LET Him.

F; What separates us then? What makes us different from Him? This cant be the answer. There has to be another way.

K;..Let me know when you find it.

This Dialogue was well illustrated by Lan, I found it very emotional, and this was the focus both Bunn n Yost wanted to stand out the most, So Who's to blame..... the Monster for murdering.. or the ''Heroes'' who lock up the monster knowing he will escape and go on another murder spree. At some time it's not the Monster's fault? it? Are people like Spidey,Venom (Brock), Agent Venom (Flash), the Avengers or etc. responsible for his action for not killing him?But How can they put him down when refuses to die (Carnage has a real potent healing ability, being able to keep Cletus alive in space and be be-headed). Maybe at some point it's not their fault that they cant contain Carnage. Here is a Carnage Line from the awesome Mind Bomb one shot:

C: You Cant shoot Chaos. And you cant Keep it Locked up for Long.

Here is a analysis on the ending on Omega I found on TUMBLR by Space Jawa: He has a good point.

BTW yes the symbiote regrew Cletus lower body (yes he has legs again ), due to their ''Pure'' bonding during these event, Bunn threw the hint during Venom 27 when he got be-headed and the symbiote started regrowing his body

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I thought the part about Flash not killing Carnage and arguing about it with Kaine incredibly STUPID. Why? Flash kills people ALL the time and he is going to have an epitamiy with the most murderous person in the whole entire Marvel Universe?WTFK!!!!!! I thought this whole killing thing is the reason why he was even selected to be on the THUNDERBOLTS and even SECRET AVENGERS.These are both Black op teams that deal with situations where killing is absolutely necessary......Comic book logic.

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@wwajfan: I was with Kaine on this one. I just finished reading Carnage USA, and Venom hints that the only thing that stopped him killing Carnage with a sonic bullet to the head was the fact he'd have to answer to Spider-Man. Wolverine comments to Hawkeye that it's a shame that they weren't able to "do what needed to be done".

There are some people that can't be helped, or saved. Carnage is one of them. And Kletus was a murdering sociopath before he was bonded to the symbiote. He'd more likely than not of been executed if he were in a place that allowed the death penalty.

As to who takes responsibility, I agree with Kaine. There comes a point where the heroes have to take responsibility and do what others can't to protect humanity. Time and time again they've imprisoned Carnage and time and time again he's escaped and done unspeakable things. The heroes have the power to end the threat once and for all. I can understand not wanting to kill a prisoner, but in a straight up fight; where Carnage is trying to kill you, I can't see a reason he should be spared.

Kaine did the right thing.

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