crackedversion00's Carnage U.S.A. #5 - Carnage U.S.A., Part Five: The Dawn's Early Fright! review



Written By:
Zeb Wells
Art By:
Clayton Crain
Yup **** goes down in this finale of CARNAGE U.S.A, The final battle between The Avengers (with The Thing), Spider-Man and Venom (Flash Thompson) against Kletus "Carnage" Cassidy.

When i said **** goes down in this issue, I mean **** REALLY goes down in this issue. Because you have action scenes between Symbiote Animals, A cripple fight and a big *** explosion to end this insanity..... but what disappoints me is the pacing of this book, At some point it does feel a bit speeded up quite a bit and details here and there with ending feels abit rushed and the outcome of it feels a little bit too fast, The ending should've been a tad bit longer for a little development for the characters. But that was just my one complaint though, i do love this series as a whole, it is as good as Carnage (2010), I still haven't read Carnage: Family Feud though. The Writing in this book is pretty decent, i like how much the characters feel and sounds classic yet this book takes place in modern times, examples like THE THING and his grandpa-ish mannerisms, SPIDER-MAN who has a balanced attitude (not too jokey, not too corny, but when it's serious he gets serious), And Clint Barton being Clint Barton. I've always been a fan of Crain's art, I do love the art he did in this book especially when i first read Carnage (2010), I think that in it is somewhat a new step (because it feels like looking a Photoshopped picture that doesn't look bad) . This issue is straightforward yet simple with the typical HEROES ALWAYS WINS ending, but it is hinting that this will have a sequel (I have to admit it is kinda choppy at some point). This issue is a great book, it has one problem which is unfortunate but the book still stands out.

Posted by HolySerpent

I thought it was okay...could have been more...but I really did love carnage in this series

Posted by CrackedVersion00

same here, dude.

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