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CARNAGE U.S.A #5Written By:Zeb WellsArt By:Clayton CrainYup **** goes down in this finale of CARNAGE U.S.A, The final battle between The Avengers (with The Thing), Spider-Man and Venom (Flash Thompson) against Kletus "Carnage" Cassidy.When i said **** goes down in this issue, I mean **** REALLY goes down in this issue. Because you have action scenes between Symbiote Animals, A cripple fight and a big *** explosion to end this insanity..... but what disappoints me is the pacing of this book, At s...

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A Little Help From My Friends 0

Highly Recommended!Ripped from the pages of issue four, the same terrifying chill runs down my spine as I open this, the final issue of the Carnage U.S.A. mini-series. Set up just like a scene from the SAW films - this chill stems from the simple thought left behind from the cliffhanger - trapped, without legs, and apparently entirely disadvantaged against a psychotic killer - yikes! I really felt bad for Flash.Silly me, I should have known better - he doesn't need legs, heck, or his symbiote to...

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