Carnage USA #5

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The Good

As I've mentioned in previous reviews of this mini-series, I really picked this book up for Clayton Crain's art, but stayed for Zeb Wells' writing. I loved how Crain drew the symbiotes when they weren't attached to their hosts. They were very spider-like and very cool. The thing I like most about Crain's art in this issue is that there really isn't anyone else doing art like this. It's eye-catching, and it's so unique.

Venom Gorilla and Carnage Giraffe? Ok, that's pretty awesome.

It's a pretty good wrap-up to the story. All the loose ends have been tied up (except for one), and everything is seeming like it's getting back to normal. The real highlight of the issue is Flash and Cletus battling it out, both of them without legs. It goes back and forth for a while, it's pretty violent, but in the end, it may not be the fight you wanted, but it was just as good as I expected it to be.

So, the Venom sybiote actually likes Flash Thompson? I don't know if this will play out in other books, but I liked this little tid-bit that while Venom is bonded with Flash, there's a sense of loyalty between the two characters and they actually like each other. I felt that was a really cool element in the issue, even though it's just a couple lines of dialogue.

The Bad

There's lots of white, negative space throughout the book. It feels so vacant.

There's so much damage and destruction, and by the end, I felt a little bummed out because while the good guys won the overall battle, people's lives are ruined, and I feel there's still more of a story to be told, at least 2-issues worth.

The Verdict

While it may be sad this series is over, at least it went out on top.

I enjoyed Crain's art in this issue, and I loved how he drew the symbiotes sans-host. It's a solid finish to a good story, and the Flash vs Cletus battle was pretty brutal and intense. Lastly, I really enjoyed the little moment where we learn that Venom and Flash actually like each other.

On the down side of things, there was a ton of negative space in this issue which was very distracting and a bit of a bummer. I also felt like this mini-series needed another issue to wrap-up a couple loose ends involving the townspeople and the town they destroyed.

I highly recommend this issue and this series, it was a ton of fun.

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this series was ton of fun, the Flash vs Cletus fight was fun, but i really Dislike Scorn and Socic Weapons.

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I forgot that this issue came out today. Can't wait to read the entire issue.

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@InnerVenom123: Thanks for the spoiler...

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This issue (as with the previous nine issues that preceded it) never cease to entertain. I enjoyed the finale, however I did find the ending to be a bit rushed. The symbiote zoo animals were great. My 7 year old was loving this series & when he saw the Carnage Lion his eyes lit up. What a great feeling. Clayton Crain's art is just astounding. I'd rate this as a 4.5 (of 5) stars!

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i liked the art in this book. i picked up only issue 1 because i thought it was an ongoing series then it was limited(right on the cover..dumb me lol)

but im gladd the mini series ended well though :p

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Decent review, liked the series very much, shame we didn't see Carnage and Venom cut loose though in symbiote form

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he killed sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many innocent people they should have killed him but right when he's about to get slug to the head.. NOBODY DIES!!!

spiderman is one of my fav characters but that is saying so annoying. cletus should AT LEAST get the electric chair for this lol

good book tho..

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@zackattack529: Hit ebay somebody is selling it for a good price, thats where I get anything I've missed or looking for from the past.

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Will read this

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I was really hoping that after flash let him live one of the townspeople or one of the symbiote soldiers would just off him

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I hope that there's another mini planned or something because the ending of this great series fell really flat

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I kinda hate myself right now. I was actually laughing at the legless Flash vs. Kletus fight. It reminded me of the Cripple Fight episode of South Park.

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@danhimself: yes there will be a big symbiote event this summer, hopefuly by god Clayton Crain will draw it

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@danhimself: They kid there will be a Minimum Carnage!

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MAAAANNNN!!!! thats a sweeeeet cover!

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Seriously, the end was so lack luster I was expecting an epilogue at the end (like in the last issue of "Grim Hunt"). I was excited to see the teaser of "Minimum Carnage" but after thinking about I figured it was a joke but honestly I'm begging for more to finish up this story, it just seemed unfinished. Oh, and what did Scorn pick up, and what was her second objective/priority?

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@fACEmelter88: I think it was part of the Carnage symbiote?

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@InnerVenom123: Can't resist. VENOM WINS! FATALITY!

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anyone else notice the cover says hotdogs and apple pie?

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and there's a new carnage series coming YES

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@Unknown Soldier said:

anyone else notice the cover says hotdogs and apple pie?

Yeah I notice that also I think its the whole USA theme

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@Mucklefluga: That's what I thought she picked up.

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They will have a minium carnage with scarlet and venom

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Can't wait for the trade!

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