Do you think Carmine Falcone is Selina Kyle's father?

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I personally don't think so. I think she wants him to be her father however, to validate her bitterness at the hard life she led. Dark Victory goes into length with Selina explaining that she searched everywhere for clues and found nothing and yet she was still convinced. 
That tells me that, being a flawed person like every other. Catwoman wants a prestigious father for her own self-esteem

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Of course, I have to ask you, why would she choice someone like the Roman (who is dead...isn't he?) when there are so many eligible (living) people out there if she doesn't know who her father is? Wouldn't she chose someone else if she didn't have an inkling about who might be her father. I mean she could have chosen any person from Joe Chill to Rupert Thorne, but what are the chances that The Roman's former wife had a baby with black hair and it was just dropped off in Gotham. Coincidence?

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@The poet : this is just my opinion don't take it as fact...
a lot of people have black hair, I do and I'm pretty sure I don't have any italian ancestry, so basing the link between them on their hair color is silly in my opinion. As to why she would choose the Roman? Think about it... this story is set in early Batman storyline as in maybe a few years after Year One. Batman hasn't been around that long and back them the mobs were still the top dogs of Gotham. In fact the events of the Long Halloween and Dark victory are part of the reason things shifted in the criminal element in Gotham city. In fact the death of the Roman is probably the most important event mob history in Gotham. The turning of an age really...
So you have an abandoned child, in a city where the Mob bosses live as kings and amongst those kings you have the Roman who's basically Octavian crowned emperor of the Roman empire after the death of Ceasar. He is handsome, rich as God, intelligent and sophisticated. He is feared, has fingers that extend world wide and on top of that he's a criminal, meaning you can justify your abandonment for any number of reasons. It doesn't take a genius to see why she would choose the Roman, from her perspective it makes sense. She has criminal tendencies as well and since most prostitution in cities is controlled by the mob. It doesn't take much of a logical leap to think it might be possible the Roman had an affair with a hooker that ended with the birth of Selina Kyle.
So that's why according to me just wants him to be her father without it being true.
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I thought that He had a child with his wife and he had to give her away because of what Don Verinni person thought about him as it was a girl, i want to say. (or so says The Blond in Catwoman Wehn in Rome).


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