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Brief History

Carlos was a former member of the Navy SEALs that Microchip recruited to be the new Punisher. This was at a time when the real Punisher, Frank Castle, was dangerously mentally unstable. Microchip had locked the Punisher up, but needed someone to take over from Frank. Enter Carlos, whom wore a different and better armored suit to take out crime. Carlos' intentions where however to not kill when not needed. He and Microchip fought the good fight for a longer amount of time. Soon however, the Punisher broke out of the jail he was put in by Microchip. The Punisher confronted Microchip, but Micro was killed when an enemy named Stone Cold bombed the wall they where standing at. When Carlos returned from a mission and discovered the computer wiz's dead body, Carlos mistakenly blamed Castle for his friend's death.

Carlos tracked Castle and found the true Punisher stalking a group of Bolivian drug dealer. Cruz attacked Castle, attracting the gun-fire of the Bolivians as well. Separated by the chaos of the battle, Cruz was executed by Microchip's true killer, Stone Cold. The real Punisher eventually avenged Carlos by killing Stone Cold himself.

Abilities and Equipment:

Carlos' costume was similar to Frank's except it had more armor, and he also had a helmet that covered his entire face in the form of a skull. The helmet was presumably bullet resistant and could also emit knockout gas in an emergency. Carlos was an efficient vigilante and even managed to take on Bullseye during a fight (the fight ended in a stalemate). As a former member of the Navy SEALS Carlos possessed training in unarmed combat, marksmanship, sharpshooting and explosives.

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