Mary Jane or Carlie?

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Is Peter better off with Carlie or MJ?

Don't get me wrong I'm a big Peter/MJ fan but it slowly faded away. Because when Slott said Peter and MJ will be back together I wasn't the least bit excited but since it's Doc Ock I puked chunks.

Honestly I like the Peter/Carlie relationship, sometimes people, even superheroes, need to move on. Just ask New 52 Superman.

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Honestly, I like Carlie Cooper better for Peter Parker more. As soon as he is back in his body and not Doc Ock.

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i like carlie i wouldn't mind peter getting back with her when he comes back. Still MJ is my fave

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Neither really. I like Carlie a lot but didn't like their relationship much. I liked MJ but her getting back with Peter takes away what little purpose OMD still clings to.

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