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Brief History

Dr. Carl Maddicks (Artie's father) was once the head geneticist working for the research company known as the Brand Corporation. This particular company was a subdivision of the Roxxon Oil Corporation. Maddicks was also, secretly, in the employ of the second coming of the subversive organization by the name of the Secret Empire.

During Maddicks' time at the Brand Corp, a young talented individual, name Henry "Hank" McCoy, took up a position there. Unbeknownst to others, Henry, or Hank as he preferred, had a whole other life. He was a mutant better known as Beast from the X-Factor. While Beast was employed there he was able to concoct a chemical that could induce mutation. Wanting to test it out, but unwilling to use a guinea pig(he didn't want to hurt anyone), he decided to test it on his self. Once ingested, this small beaker of fluid would be the beginning of a very pivotal part of his life. This chemical would alter his appearance so that he would grow fur that would cover his entire body, though in the beginning it was a grey-ish color. Not only would his codename be Beast due to his mutant powers but he would now even resemble something of a "beast." Based on the results, it would seem that this experiment was a failure. It wasn't and once it was brought to the Secret Empire's attention. They made it their goal to obtain the chemical. They wanted to use the chemical to enhance their army and give their soldiers additional strengths. It was decided that Maddicks would be given the mission to obtain and secure the chemical for his superiors. Unfortunately he would fail. As punishment for his inability to accomplish this meager task, the Secret Empire sent agents to located, shoot and kill Maddicks. They were able to do most of this. They found him, shot him and then threw him a ditch with his critical injuries. The shot fell short of intended goal. He was injured, YES, but not dead. Some passersby’s would eventually find him and take him to a hospital. As luck would be, while at the hospital, recovering, the Secret Empire (that he worked for) was destroyed. This meant that he wouldn't have to fear retaliation from them, and he could live his life freely. Once fully recovered, Maddicks, found a new position at Ryan Research Inc. just outside Atlantic, Georgia. It is here that his life would go for yet another loop. He namely had a son with a mutation known as Arthur "Artie".

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