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The son of a full-blooded Navajo, Carl Hunter was a former CIA operative and now, by his own description, one of the most successful private investigators in San Francisco. However, what initially appeared to be a routine hiring to find a missing husband, Miles Tatler, who had last been seen in Nevada, swiftly developed into something far more monumental. At first Carl wrote off the suggest made by various locals that maybe "the UFOs" had taken his quarry, but a close encounter with a flying saucer and attack by humans under alien mind control soon ended his scepticism, as Carl stumbled into a slow war being fought between mankind, as represented by his old CIA boss Colonel Minsky, and the High Ones, aliens systematically destroying Earth's food supplies to eliminate humanity via starvation.

Minsky inducted the reluctant Hunter back into service, noting that a metal plate surgically placed on his skull following a head wound he had received in the late 1960s had somehow rendered him immune to the aliens' mind control. Investigating the aliens for Minsky, Hunter successfully captured one of the alien field agents, dubbed J. Edgar by Hunter; not agreeing with his masters' warlike ways, J. Edgar switched sides, and helped Hunter capture some of the High Ones, and end their invasion plot.


Carl Hunter was created by Alan Hebden and Horacio Lalia, and starred in the Starlord strip Holocaust.

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