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Carface was created by Tony Bedard, Matthew Clark, Ron Randall, and Art Thibert. He first appeared in 2007's Outsiders #50.

Major Story Arcs

You Killed The Outsiders!

When the Outsiders were doing an undercover investigation of a super-villain hangout in Gotham City, Carface was one of the up-and-coming new villains that they "befriended." He wound up getting lost in the melee that ensued after the Suicide Squad showed up and battled the Outsiders.

Welcome to Platinum Flats

Carface later reappeared in Platinum Flats, harassing some of the local authorities. He was unaware however that the Birds of Prey had recently made the city their home and he wound up being swiftly apprehended by Huntress.

Powers and Abilities

Enhanced strength and durability (at least more so than a regular human).

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