Did anyone else hope that Phil Lamarr was going to play Cardiac?

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I wasn't online much when Spiderman 2 or 3 were in theaters so I don't know if other people were thinking the same thing,but when I saw Phil Lamarr in the crowd of people that I thought it was a set up to have him play Cardiac in Spiderman-3 and im wondering if anyone else was hoping that since he is a good actor that could easily play a serious role,and I'd have liked to see Cardiac in a movie.
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A large number of New York based comedians appear in various scenes in the three movies.  Both Phil Lamarr and Ed O'Neal (Married with Children) were on the elevated train that Spiderman saves in the middle of #2. 
One of the two kids that hands Spiderman his mask was Tobey's younger brother.

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