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Created by Dr. Leonard Price in order to defeat Evil Ernie, as Operation Crippler for the president of the United states before Price assassinated him, Rashad was killed during the psycho-plague and implanted with a control chip and some of Evil Ernie's arcane energy and his body enhanced for combat.

After Price's many attempts to reanimate him it was Lady Death's aborted transportation to Earth, causing the Pandora Effect, that finally raised him from death. He was completely uncontrollable by Dr Price and left without facing Ernie.

During the events of the Omen Crippler, renamed Carcass, prefers his original name Rashad and skulks in the dark as a lookout for The Savior and working in a homeless shelter. He is found by Morgan Gallows and follows him as he gathers up the people from his vision in order to prevent Armageddon.

He and and Voodoo Childe get caught up in riots started by The Savior, having to hold up in an abandoned building, and when he finally gets back to his refuge for the homeless he finds his charges slaughtered. He finds Bumpy, a young woman with green hair, dead and is incensed that she should be killed while he was away listening to a crazy white man. He is then jumped by more of Saviors forces and uses his anger to defeat them with ease.

Serendipity arrives at Gallows' home and tricks Daniel into letting her in, she possesses him and sets Rip on Gallows as Slaughterhouse joins the fray. Carcass bursts in and is set upon by the possessed Rip. They battle for a while until Serendipity finds Slaughterhouse unconscious and injured and enters his body to save him. While Carcass enters a burning building to save the occupants. He rescues an old couple but runs into the police as he exits the building, who think he is a monster. everyone is distracted by Oblivia embracing the creature she is inside and raises a pillar of flame from earth to sky about her that becomes a blast wave that flattens everyone. Carcass awakes first and takes his friends to safety and Purgatori comes to claim Saviors body. Two days later in Malibu he confirms that he will join in Gallows' quest to prevent Armageddon along with everyone else including the once again innocent Vex.

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