Carbon Grey, Volume 2... Coming Soon!

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Carbon Grey, Volume 2 - Previews World 
There hasn't been very much released for the world of Carbon Grey but I enjoy every bit I can get.   Love the setting, the action, and especially the art.  Volume 2 is due out in June 2012.  UPDATE: Recently listed to be released July 18th.
So far there have been two mini-series.... Carbon Grey (3 issues) and Carbon Grey: Origins (2 issues).  
Some more art from Carbon Grey.... 

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I read the first two issues and then fell behind.

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Garbon Grey...meh...

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@mattschwabby: Can't say I've ever heard of a "kickstarter" but thanks for posting. 
@Stuka69:  Carbon Grey.... and it's awesome. Despite the meh I appreciate the post and bump for the thread.
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@IrishX: Kickstarter is a crowdsourcing website so that people who would like to undergo a certain project (film, movies, video games, comics, consumer goods) can get funding to do so. Carbon Grey's creators started one (as I posted earlier) to get volume 2 created but it looks like it isn't going to make it.

Kickstarters became really popular lately after the video game company Double Fine were able to raise over three million dollars through the service for a new adventure game.

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Just wanted to give people another chance to discover this series and let everyone know that Carbon Grey 2 did reach it's Kickstarter goal so the series will definitely be on its way!

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Diamond Comics has Carbon Grey Vol. 2 #1 listed as being released July 18th but that could change still of course.  Either way shouldn't be much longer. Here's some more pics.... 

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@IrishX: the art really does look pretty...

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@The Poet: Oh yeah, most definitely...

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