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The General moves to arrest the sisters, as the twins turn to their mentors. The Baron has a hand in Pepper and Dina’s escape, and Howard is convinced he is blessed. As the Greys search for Giselle, Eva becomes concerned about her sister’s allegiances. Who is manipulating the Kaiser’s legacy?

The Sisters Grey's Childhoods

Young Mathilde is seen as the more sensitive of her siblings as she draws happy pictures of her family. this is cut out by their brutal mentor Goethe.

Flash Forward to Present Day.

Mathilde finds the simple childish drawings in the remains of a ruined building.

The Trenches

The Trenches

In the command bunkers of the trenches Marber, the sole survivor of the massacre, reports his vision of the grey lady leaping through the battlefield like some sort of misplaced angel. As he leaves a suicide bomber on the side of the Kaiser charges into the bunker and detonates himself. Again the soldier is blown away by the massive explosion and yet is able to get up and walk away with just minor cuts.

Mathilde meets with Eva and Anna, questioning Anna's decision to slay her won advisors and bring attention down on themselves. Anna Explains she believed them complicit in the Kaisers murder and laments she didn't foresee Wold General being brought in to track them down. They have not been able to contact Giselle, they somehow know she is alive but unable to sense her directly.

Anna sends Mathilde to the Queen, telling her to keep her safe for all their sakes.

The Brothel

The Baron stands in the doorway blocking the escape of Dina Cumming and Elliot Pepper. He obviously knows them both and Dina probably intimately, she alter says he was her husband. He orders their death and as the bullet speeds towards Elliot's face she somehow dodges it and responds with a shot of her own followed by a hand-grande. The pair dive from the window and humorously land in a melon cart before finding a bike to escape on. The Baron emerges the devastated building, remarkably unscathed, and gives chase until his cleanly severed hand is brought to his attention.


Giselle & Mentor

Giselle travels to see her mentor and tells him that he connection with Mathilde has been severed. He tells her the Kaiser's death is being suppressed by the Cabal for the time being. She indicates it was not her doing but she failed him when Allied Shock troopers boarded them on the way back from the talks. He talks more and finds she is willing to admit his murder to break the linage of the king and thereby free her sisters from their destiny. Without a heir to the kingdom the sisters have no-one to be bond in service to.

The mentor attacks and as they battle Giselle thinks: Mathilde is a creator and like her is only a 'Half Grey' and that gave them faults. Her own fault is the strength of will that could not be beaten or trained out of her.

The Road to Linth.

Anna and Eva ride to find Giselle. Anna shows some understanding for what Giselle has done while Anna seems more ill at ease with the idea that they have failed in their duty. They run into a patrol and Eva uses her diplomacy to talk with a guard they knew from their childhoods to let them pass, despite warrants out for their arrest. Before she can convince the man Anna brutally cuts him and his men down.

Spotter Plane

Dina and Elliot make it to his spotter plane where he pulls a gun on her and decides to part ways. She manages to convince him otherwise by way of a proposition and they make good their escape, only to find the craft is over loaded, with Giselle stowed away just behind them.

The Mill

Marber walks through a desolated mill and comes face to face with Eva and Anna. He knows them and enquires if they are also angels. They are surprised to find he has seen their sister and while Anna wants to kill him Eva instead has an errand for him to run for them.

The Palace

Queen & Mathilde

The Queen is in mourning for her fallen king when Wolf General barges into the palace demanding to speak with Eva. Her advisors attempt to keep him out but to little avail.

Instead he finds the Queen; porcelain skinned and resplendent in little more than an open fronted white fur shawl with Mathilde behind her throne in the shadows.

The Queen informs him that Mathilde has sought sanctuary and he may join them to discuss the current situation.

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